How U-Farm Works

With U-Farm help, you can make part of your grocery shopping a stress-free experience and at the same time rest easy knowing where your fresh grown veggies came from.

How things work

Here are a few steps to subscribe or make a single order from the local farm:

Step 1:

Make an Account Online

Step 2:

Using our user-friendly navigation system, choose the size and type of produce from farms, and set the frequency. You can set your account to receive an order weekly or bi-weekly delivery. The U-Farm platform is flexible allowing you to skip, pause, or cancel at any time! For our new clients, we offer a “one-time purchase” to try our system.

Step 3:

You can make changes to your produce items and send a reminder for the upcoming orders.
Need eggs every week? Put them in your regular delivery. They will come on every order! Most catalog items have a recurring item option so customize your orders your way.

Step 4:

We deliver to your doorsteps or assigned pick up location. Choose to receive a delivery every week or bi-weekly. We’ll collect your order, visiting local farms and deliver it to your door between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm or choose one of our pick-up locations.