From a seed to doorstep!

U-Farm is the best and the most convenient way to get your local organic produce delivered right to your doorstep! We make it possible to make shopping for organic products less time-consuming, sustainable with great care of the environment, and support local and organic farms! 

Our mission is to create an easy way to improve an access to organic, locally-grown food to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. We at U-Farm believe that everyone has a right to have healthy and fresh food, and we are here to deliver the best ingredients and amazing products delivered right to your doorsteps. We select local products from partners who care about your food and our environment.

What drives us:


We adhere to product selection criteria and provide a wide variety of organic and natural foods and products.


We encourage informed choices and demonstrate the impact on personal health and the health of the planet.


We proactively identify and adapt to the environmental, social, and economic drivers of change.

Eat greens and be “green”!

We care deeply about the environment and encourage all of our customers to minimize waste and recycle goods. Let’s create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment together!