Organic Industry Quick Facts for 2020-2021

The Canada Organic Trade Association has just released the latest report on the trends of the organic agriculture industry in Canada (with an Ontario-specific report on the way which OCO has contributed to). The data shows that the efforts of organic farmers across Canada have produced amazing results.

Demand booms for organics

Demand for organic food and beverages is booming in Canada, according to a newly released study.

Sales topped $6.5 billion in 2020, a 33 percent increase over 2017 levels, according to a report published by the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA). That was the last time the group published its Organic Market Report. The compound annual growth rate for the food and beverage sector was 10.2 percent over that three-year period.

Managing on-farm plastic waste and growing the bioeconomy

Canadian farmers are looking to reduce waste, and plant-based plastics are an increasingly popular alternative as part of a growing Canadian bioeconomy. Creating exciting new options for Canadian farmers, while supporting them in responsibly managing on-farm plastic waste, is helping to build a healthier economy and environment.

How climate-friendly farming fits into Canada’s budget

Fields, vineyards, orchards, and ranches could soon see their greenhouse gas emissions plummet thanks to unprecedented support from the federal government. Monday’s 2021 federal budget announced about $270 million in funding over two years to help farmers transition to climate-friendly practices.